Continuing On The Warrior’s Path To Phoenix And Beyond

xxxxxx CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS BLOG XXXXXXX So we’re ready to leave New Mexico and head to Phoenix, and the tow truck driver says “one of you guys can ride in the tow truck with my boy, the rest of you will have to ride with me in my truck, I’ll need to fill up the truck before we leave and you’ll need to pay for it”, “Sounds good I say”, just thankful to have a way to Phoenix. Let me tell you, that truck must have a gas tank the size of battle ship, and he only used “Ethel”, or … Continue reading


Ever since getting the idea and wanting to start a regular correspondance (blog) with Bluegrass friends and acquaintances, I see that other folks have a “title” for their blog. So borrowing an idea from an old friend, Mitch Scott, I’ll name this blog “The Warrior’s Path”. Many of our friends will remember Mitch as being, not only a Warrior River Boy, but a partner with me for the first ten years of our travels, 1984 through 1994. We started a “Fan Club” for a few years back in the 90’s and we used “The Warrior’s Path” as the title for … Continue reading


Howdy Everybody Well, it’s just about time for school to be finished for a while, so where are we gonna carry the kids for fun and somewhere we’ll have a good time, too! I got just the place for you ! Head out to Branson, Mo., get you a good room and a good night’s sleep, then head over to the best Theme Park in America, Silver Dollar City. When you get inside, you’ll immediately feel like you’ve time-travelled back a hundred years, to a time (“the good old days”) that your grandparents talked about, or maybe you’ve saw on … Continue reading

DDWRB Performance Schedule 2012

February 12 Edgewood, IL. Edgewood Opry House 1pm. March 24 Dauphin Island, AL. SeaGrass Festival March 24 Chatom, AL. High School Auditorium 9pm. March 30 Wilmington, OH. Southern Ohio Bluegrass Festival (Roberts Conv. Cntr.) March 31 Burlington, IA. Festival @Comfort Suites April 20 Ragley, LA. Lone Pine Music Park 7pm. April 21 Sacul, TX. Sandyland Opry 7pm. April 22 Spring, TX. Hyde’s Cafe 5pm. April 23 Paragould, AR. Collins Theatre 7pm. May 11 Trussville, AL. Paine Intermediate School 8am-11am. May 11 Flintstone, GA. Mike’s Music 7:30pm. May 12 Trussville, AL. DogDaze Festival 11am & 1:15pm. May 25-28  Branson, … Continue reading


Hey Everybody !! If you haven’t seem our show in the last six months, you probably haven’t heard that DDWRB has a couple of new members. First, I’ll start with Stan Wilemon. Stan re-joined the band, on guitar, after being away for a number of years. Alot of you might remember Stan as the group’s bass man in 1987, then 1990 through 1994, also a part of our 1993 Rounder recording, “Sounds Like Home” plus many of the recordings we did for Ray Davis’ Wango label in the early ’90’s. Stan has played a large role in the band since … Continue reading

New Website Coming & Chek out my Blog !!

Hello all, Wanted to apoligize for our website being down for the last few months, I’m really sorry for the inconvenience to you. BUT… our webmaster, Josh, is in the process of building the band a new website, so much Band news (all GOOD, a couple of NEW band members, They’re GOOD, and We’re Good Together!!). The new website will be blog-based and very friendly and hopefully interesting and informative to you. We’ll get our dates up quickly and hope to see you at some of them. Also, I’m gonna start (famous last words) a regular on-going blog that I hope you will chek … Continue reading